The Art of Structural Therapy is a “hands on” bodywork utilizing full hand contact while targeting specific points relating to the area(s) of musculoskeletal pain and/ or difficulty/ dysfunction/ disability.

All use of the physical or mechanical body is accomplished through contraction of muscles and tendons. Through overuse and abuse and a lack of comprehensive compensating stretching exercises, those “soft tissues” become more and more contracted and inflexible. Further on, they become hardened, cold and void of natural resiliency. Muscular atrophy and calcification follow, thus the common form of arthrosis, referred to as “osteoarthritis.” Structural Therapy acknowledges these natural functional processes, addressing specific problem areas directly through appropriate hand contact, pressure and articulation.

Heat is the medium for positive change. The heat generated from the contact and pressure on specific points, by the Structural Therapists’ hands, slowly changes contracted, inflexible, cold and hardened tissues into ones with more length, elasticity, warmth and resiliency. Normal use and range of motion for wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck,  backs, hips, knees and feet is progressively restored. Corrective exercises, mostly stretching, are given to compliment the treatments and to take over once the course of treatment is over

More importantly, the patient/ client is given a real and simple physiological understanding of the causes of the problem as well as the remedial and preventative measures that can be taken. These are not “degenerative diseases” on dead end streets; rather, they are completely regenerative misuses of our biomechanical bodies, in need of proper redirection toward the playing field.